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Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

Trio Sonatas & Quartets

Compagnia Transalpina

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) :
Sonata a Flaut. Hautbois e Cembalo E minor [TWV 42:e6]
TitelSonata [a] Oboe, Flauto dolce e Cembalo C minor [TWV 42:c2]
Sonata a Flauto. Hautbois. e Cembalo F major [TWV 42:F9]
Concerto A minor [TWV 43:a3]
Trio [a] Flute a bec, Hautbois [et] Basso F major [TWV 42:F15]
Sonata a Flauto dolce, Oboe, Violino et Cembalo G major [TWV 43:G6]
Sonata a Hautbois, Flaute douce et Basso C minor [TWV 42:c7]
Sonata a Flauto dolce, Oboe et Cembalo A minor [ TWV 42:a6]
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Andreas Böhlen, Recorder
Andreas Helm, Oboe
Susanne Scholz, Violin
Daniel Rosin, Cello
Tomasz Wesołowski, Bassoon
Michael Hell, Harpsichord
Playing time: 1:11 (h:m)
Booklet: 24p., English German French
Order Nr. AE 10366
EAN 4026798103668
Product category: SACD
Release date: 29/09/2023
  • play_circle_outline Trio C Minor (TWV 42:c2): Vivace
  • play_circle_outline Trio F Major (TWV 42:F9): Allegro
  • play_circle_outline Concerto A Minor (TWV 43:a3): Adagio
  • play_circle_outline Trio F Major (TWV 42:F15): Allegro
  • play_circle_outline Quartet G Major (TWV 43:G6): Allegro

The trio sonatas by Telemann were already regarded by his contemporaries as “models of their kind”, they demonstrate Telemann’s imaginative composing style. Compagnia Transalpina under the direction of Andreas Böhlen highlights the colourful partnership of recorder and oboe.

The upper parts are complimented by a rich bass line combining bassoon, cello and harpsichord. Sumptuous ornamentation is applied to the upper lines, inspired by Telemann’s own writing, resulting in dynamic and flamboyant ensemble playing.
Recorder player and jazz-saxophonist Andreas Böhlen, professor for recorder at the renowned Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland, has combined forces on this recording with leading baroque oboist Andreas Helm, professor in Vienna.
Produced as a SuperAudioCD, this album presents versions in high-resolution stereo as well as in multi-channel surround sound.

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