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AEOLUS / All Discs / AE10561 Demessieux, Jeanne Complete Organ Works


2 CD set 2 CD set
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Audio samples:

Audio sample Te Deum Te Deum

Audio sample Notes répétées Notes répétées

Audio sample La Nativité La Nativité

Audio sample Hosanna Filio David Hosanna Filio David

Audio sample Veni Sancte Spiritus Veni Sancte Spiritus

Audio sample Fugue (Chant de joie) Fugue (Chant de joie)

Audio sample Consolamini Consolamini

Audio sample Lauda Sion (I) Lauda Sion (I)

Demessieux, Jeanne (1921-1968)

Complete Organ Works

Stephen Tharp (Organ)

Dudelange, Eglise Saint-Martin
Rouen, Abbatiale Saint-Ouen

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Te Deum [op.11]
Prélude et Fugue C major [op.13]
Pointes (Six Etudes) [op.5]
Tierces (Six Etudes) [op.5]
Sixtes (Six Etudes) [op.5]
Accords alternés (Six Etudes) [op.5]
Notes répétées (Six Etudes) [op.5]
Octaves (Six Etudes) [op.5]
La Nativité [op.4]
Rorate (Twelve Choral Preludes) F major [op.8]
Adeste fideles (Twelve Choral Preludes) G major [op.8]
Attende Domine (Twelve Choral Preludes) D major [op.8]
Stabat Mater (Twelve Choral Preludes) F major [op.8]
Vexilla Regis (Twelve Choral Preludes) E minor [op.8]
Hosanna Filio David (Twelve Choral Preludes) E flat major [op.8]
O Filii (Twelve Choral Preludes) G minor [op.8]
Veni Creator (Twelve Choral Preludes) B flat major [op.8]
Ubi Caritas (Twelve Choral Preludes) C major [op.8]
In Manus tuas (Twelve Choral Preludes) G major [op.8]
Tu es Petrus (Twelve Choral Preludes) D minor [op.8]
Domine Jesu (Twelve Choral Preludes) G minor [op.8]
Veni Sancte Spiritus (Sept Méditations sur le Saint-Esprit) [op.6]
Les Eaux (Sept Méditations sur le Saint-Esprit) [op.6]
Pentecôte (Sept Méditations sur le Saint-Esprit) [op.6]
Dogme (Sept Méditations sur le Saint-Esprit) [op.6]
Consolateur (Sept Méditations sur le Saint-Esprit) [op.6]
Paix (Sept Méditations sur le Saint-Esprit) [op.6]
Lumière (Sept Méditations sur le Saint-Esprit) [op.6]
Prélude (Triptyque) [op.7]
Adagio (Triptyque) [op.7]
Fugue (Triptyque) [op.7]
Andante A minor
Répons pour le temps de l'avent: Consolamini
Répons pour le temps de Pâques
Répons pour le temps du Saint-Sacrement: Lauda Sion (I)
Répons pour le temps du Saint-Sacrement: Lauda Sion (II)
Répons pour le temps du Très-Saint-Rosaire: Ave Maria
Poème pour orgue et orchestre [op.9]

Playing time: 3:3 (h:m)
Booklet: 40p., English French German
Order Nr. AE 10561
EAN 4026798105617
Product category: SACD
Release date: 17/11/2008

Stephen Tharp Podcast mit Stephen Tharp über seine Gesamteinspielung der Orgelwerke von Jeanne Demessieux bei Aeolus

Der amerikanische Ausnahmekünstler Stephen Tharp spricht über seine Begegnung mit dem Orgelwerk von Jeanne Demessieux, seine Gesamteinspielung bei Aeolus und die Erfahrungen eines zwischen Amerika und Europa reisenden Konzertvirtuosen. Podcast in deutscher Übersetzung!

Stephen Tharp Podcast with Stephen Tharp about his recording of the complete organ works of Jeanne Demessieux on Aeolus

The american organist and concert virtuoso Stephen Tharp speaks about his first encounters with Jeanne Demessieux' music, his recording of her complete organ works on Aeolus and some experiences of a concert artist travelling between America and Europe... Podcast in english!


An exquisite and outstanding new release: our edition "Jeanne Demessieux - Complete Organ Works"is now finally available! We are proud to present this box on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Jeanne Demessieux' death in 1968.

It has been a long way from the first ideas and discussions back in 2002 between Stephen Tharp and me until the final result now! We have chosen two outstanding instruments for this project. For the Etudes op.6 it was clear that we needed a big symphonic instrument with electric (or electro-pneumatic) action and 61/32 keys in a good acoustic. The organ of Saint-Martin in Dudelange (L) seemed to me the ideal instrument for this repertoire, with it's symphonic sound and a set of powerful chamades. Whatever you need in terms of registrations for this music, you'll find it in this organ.
Using the Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ of Saint-Ouen in Rouen for the second SACD was somehow logical: Jeanne Demessieux played this instrument very often and appreciated it a lot. It was here that she premiered her "Répons pour le Temps de Paques".
Finally, it was only in early 2006 that we got copies of the at that time still unpublished compositions! So, we really offer you her complete organ music in one box. And of course, all these recordings were made in 2-channel stereo and 5-channel surround sound.
As the program for disc two (recorded in Rouen) was too long for a standard CD (but not for an SACD), we put the "Répons pour le Temps Liturgiques" on a separate Bonus-CD, which contains in addition a historic recording of her "Poème" op.9 for organ and orchestra, recorded in 1952 by Radio France in the Salle Pleyel, with Jeanne Demessieux herself at the organ (Cavaillé-Coll, 1930) and the Orchestre Radio Symphonique de Paris under Eugène Bigot, a unique document.
Stephen Tharp is an immense musician and one of the leading concert organists of our time. We can't say how happy we are to welcome him here on Aeolus for the first time.


This edition comes in an elegant box with individual full color board sleeves and a 40 pages booklet!

Comment by producer Christoph Martin Frommen:
Christoph Martin Frommen

My first contact with Jeanne Demessieux' music was back in 1987, when I heard the dutch organist Jean-Pierre Steijvers performing the "Te Deum" op.11. I was immediately fascinated by the harmonic subtlety and bought the score, and of course I wanted to hear the other music! A few years later in Rouen I found the LP-edition recorded for the Musical Heritage Society by Pierre Labric. And I met Pierre Labric in person, who told me a lot about Jeanne Demessieux, gave me more scores and made me playing some of her pieces myself as well. More than 10 years later, I had the occasion to work for the first time with Stephen Tharp, in Paris. In 2002 he finally came up with his idea to record all of Jeanne Demessieux' music for Aeolus. I was enthusiastic, knowing that hardly anybody else but him would be able to cope with this extremly difficult music. We went through several exciting recording sessions and had to fight with various problems (fallen down tripod in Dudelange, Stephen's foot infringement just before Rouen in 2005) but it had always been good for something: in early 2006 we got the scores of the unpublished music!
For me it was a particular concern to do all these recordings in stereo AND surround. And I think the result is more than satisfying, it will make your hair stand straight up... (that's what Stephen said, when he heard it the ifrst time!) Especially Rouen sounds even more convincing in surround sound than in 2-ch stereo.
So, this is Stephen's and my personal homage to this outstanding french musician, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of her death. Do not miss this recording, you will be enthusiastic.