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Thierry Escaich (*1965)

Thierry Escaich - Live Improvisations

Thierry Escaich

Deba, Iglesia Santa María

Thierry Escaich (*1965) Ouverture (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Musette (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Courante (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Sicilienne (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Fantasque (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Aria (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Final (improvisation)
Anonymus Agur, Itziarko Birjina Ederra
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Fantasie sur "Agur, Itziarko Birjina ederra" (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Ritual dance on "Litanies" by Jehan Alain (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Transsylvanian dance (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Prelude et Double Fugue sur "O Filii" (improvisation)
José Ignacio Ansorena (*1953) Plaza Zaharra
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Fantaisie sur "Plaza Zaharra" (improvisation)
Pablo Sorozábal (1897-1988) Osio Bide Polka
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Pantomime sur la Polka "Osio Bide" (improvisation)
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Polonaise
Pablo Sorozábal (1897-1988) Debako Martxa
Thierry Escaich (*1965) Finale sur "Debako Martxa" (improvisation)
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Thierry Escaich, Organ
José Ignacio Ansorena, Txistu
Playing time: 1:16 (h:m)
Booklet: 28p., English French German Spanish Euskera (basque)
Order Nr. AE 10691
EAN 4026798106911
Product category: CD
Release date: 25/08/2010
  • play_circle_outline Ouverture from "Suite gothique"
  • play_circle_outline Courante from "Suite gothique"
  • play_circle_outline Fantasque from "Suite gothique"
  • play_circle_outline Plaza Zaharra
  • play_circle_outline Osio bide Polka
  • play_circle_outline Martxa de Deba

In September 2009, the new organ in the Church of Santa María, Deba (Basque country, Province of Guipúzkoa), built by the Grenzing organ company (El Papiol / Barcelona) was introduced to a wide public with a series of inauguration concerts. Thierry Escaich, one of the world’s most important improvisers, performed the opening concert on 5 September, 2009.

His programme consisted of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Nicolas de Grigny, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Jehan Alain and his own compositions as well as several improvisations between these works – sometimes relating to the works previously played (e.g. Litanies by Jehan Alain), sometimes on traditional melodies of Basque folklore.

Considering the great popularity of the txistu, the small Basque flute, I suggested to invite a txistulari for this concert in order to have him introducing the individual themes on the txistu flute. With José Ignacio Ansorena one of the best txistulari in the Basque country got invited, who fortunately accepted the invitation immediately.

We recorded the opening concert live. On the next day, further organ improvisations were recorded for the present CD, now replacing the written pieces from the concert programme. They seamlessly fit into the overall CD-programme . This recording thus communicates a very authentic impression of the spectacular live experience of an unforgettable concert evening, honoured with long-lasting applause by the numerous listeners.

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