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Maria-Magdalena Kaczor

Aeolus has just recorded "Ludwig van Beethoven - organ perspectives" for a new SACD


Aeolus has just finished the recordings for an SACD hybrid with organist and pianist Maria-Magdalena Kaczor. The title of the album will be "Beethoven - organ perspectives".

Mrs. Kaczor presents an exciting and surprising Ludwig van Beethoven programm on the wonderful Ferdinand Stieffell organ (1786, II/30 + Ped) in the Ludwig Church at Karlsbad-Langensteinbach. This instrument had originally been built for the Chapel of the Castle of Karlsruhe and is perfectly contemporary to the period when the young Ludwig was active as an organist in Bonn at the Electorate Court of Cologne before moving to Vienna. This organ is really particular and fascinating as - even though it was still built in the baroque organ tradition - it's creator however added quite some new pre-romantic colors (strings in particular) which make this organ really an ideal instrument for Beethoven's works. In 2009 it has been carefully restored by the organ builders Andreas Schiegnitz and Martin Vier.
Mrs. Kaczor is not only a great personality as an organist and musician but also a versatile pianist which predetermines her for this project.
The SACD will by ready by the end of June. Official release will be in September.


Maria-Magdalena Kaczor at the Ferdinand Stieffell organ from 1786


The Ferdinand Stieffell organ from 1786


The console of the Ferdinand Stieffell organ from 1786


Recording engineer Christoph Martin Frommen setting up the microphones