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SACD - what does it mean?

SACD - what does it mean?


AEOLUS releases also on Super Audio CDs (SACD). What this means and the advantages for the listener.

What is SACD?

SACD ("Super Audio CD") is an audio format that, compared with conventional CDs, is capable of reproducing music with an even higher sound quality.

SACD provides the possibility of reproducing music in stereo as well as in surround sound.

Surround sound means that when using the appropriate playback equipment you are able to listen to the sound not only from the front, but also from the side and from the back. This is suitable for the three-dimensional representation of natural acoustics. In an ideal situation, your living room will be converted into a concert hall! The surround-sound technique employed here is a so-called discrete multi-channel format (5.1) that does not utilize any compromises, such as data compression (as common on video DVDs), that are detrimental to the sound.

What does Hybrid-SACD mean?

Hybrid-SACD denotes a CD that is both a conventional CD as well as a SACD. A Hybrid-SACD can be played on all standard CD players, at home, in the car, on your computer... If you have an SACD player at your disposal, you can additionally take advantage of the features of SACD format, such as better sound quality and, where applicable, surround-sound playback.

All SACDs from AEOLUS are Hybrid-SACDs, so that all our customers can listen to them without any problem.

Do I need new equipment to use SACDs?

If you want to listen to an AEOLUS Hybrid SACD, your conventional CD player is sufficient. The CD quality is the same as always.

If you would like to take advantage of the new SACD capabilities, you will need a SACD-compatible player. These are already available at reasonable prices, and in many cases can even be used as DVD players, too.

If you want to take advantage of the SACD's surround-sound capabilities, you will additionally need an appropriate amplifier and speakers. Please consult your audio dealer.
A tip: Some of the available surround-sound speaker sets are intended for the reproduction of video sound tracks ("home cinema") rather than of music. Be mindful of the quality of the speakers to avoid the unpleasant surprise of a sound quality inferior to that of your present stereo equipment.

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