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Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661)

Louis Couperin edition vol.4: Pavanne de Mr Couperin

Pièces de clavecin

Bob van Asperen

Ruckers harpsichord, Castle Velen

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Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Suite in g
( Prélude [3] - Allemande [93] - Courante [94] - Sarabande [95] - Passacaille [98] )
Jacques Champion de Chambonnières (c.1601-1672) Pavanne L'Entretien des Dieux
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Suite in d
( "Allemande Mr Richard" - Pièce de trois sortes de mouvements [37] - Courante [40] - Sarabande [46] - Sarabande [49] - Volte [53] - Gigue La Poste (Gautier/d'Anglebert) - Chaconne La Complaignante [57] )
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Suite in C
( Prélude [11] - Courante [16] - Sarabande [25] - Gavotte, Double [131] - Rigaudon, Double [127] - Chaconne [26] )
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Suite in e
( Prélude [14] - Allemande de la Paix [63] - Courante [64] - Sarabande [65] )
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Suite in b
( Allemande [115] - Courante [116] - Sarabande [117] )
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Suite in D
( Prélude [2] - Courante [59] - Sarabande [60] - Gaillarde [61] - Chaconne [62] )
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Pavanne
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661) Fantaisie [27]
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Bob van Asperen, Clavecin
Durée totale: 1:16 (h:m)
Booklet: 40p., Anglais Allemand Français
Numéro de catalogue AE 10184
EAN 4026798101848
Catégorie de produit: SACD
Date de sortie: 20/11/2020
  • play_circle_outline Prélude 3
  • play_circle_outline Allemande de la Paix 63
  • play_circle_outline Sarabande 117
  • play_circle_outline Chaconne 62
  • play_circle_outline Pavanne

Harpsichord friends had to wait a long time for this fourth SACD and the conclusion of the complete harpsichord works of Louis Couperin. On the fantastic original “Velen” Ruckers harpsichord, recorded in a church on the Lower Rhine, Bob van Aspern shows with his inimitably flexible and colorful playing why this repertoire is so loved by connoisseurs.

The musical proximity to Johann Jacob Froberger and the Parisian colleagues is not only to be heard, but also described and elucidated by Bob van Asperen in the as always comprehensive booklet – even several works by Parisian “guest composers” are included as in the previous volumes: e.g. here a pavanne of Jacques Champion de Chambonnières can be heard as last movement of the suite in g minor.

Found on the SACD layer are high-resolution recordings in stereo and in 5.0 surround sound.

A fifth organ volume is still in preparation.

€ 18,99 (including tax)
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Reviews on “Couperin: Louis Couperin edition vol.4: Pavanne de Mr Couperin”


SWR2 Bettina Winkler, 21.01.2021 :

“Ein ausgezeichneter Interpret, ein klangvolles historisches Instrument, ein ausführliches Booklet: mich hat diese Neuerscheinung absolut begeistert.”

SWR2 :

Ein ausgezeichneter Interpret, ein klangvolles historisches Instrument, ein ausführliches Booklet: mich hat diese Neuerscheinung absolut begeistert.

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