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Froberger edition

Bob van Asperen Froberger edition

Johann Jacob Froberger (1616-1667) was one of the most important German composers of the 17th century, particularly in the area of keyboard music. The 'Bob van Asperen Froberger edition' is the first complete recording of Froberger's works and one of the most ambitious projects of the AEOLUS catalogue.

The recordings took place in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands. On each volume a different precious original historic instrument is played by Bob van Asperen. The work on the Froberger Edition took about 15 years. The booklets contain particularly extensive liner notes written by Bob van Asperen.

The series consists of 8 parts. They are available as individual items, however, here on you are also able to buy them as a bundle (set of CDs).

The first 4 volumes cover the suites. Volume 4 makes use of the newest discoveries from the manuscripts of the Berliner Singakademie.

The polyphonic works (Vol.5-7) will be performed at the organ (Bologna, Pistoia, Norden), while vol.8 covers the toccatas and contains Froberger's sacred motets, as world premiere recording.