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A visit with the Sun King - recording in Versailles

A visit with the Sun King - recording in the palace of Versailles


Again, a special AEOLUS recording project in a special location: Bob van Asperen performed at the original 1628 Ruckers harpsichord of Versailles palace.

Bob van Asperen, one of the most outstanding harpsichord players of our time, and AEOLUS tonmeister Ulrich Lorscheider met in Versailles for a recording of French harpsichord music of the 17th century. The Versailles Ruckers, restaured by Alain Anselm, is one of the very few instruments of the famous Flemish maker which survived and are in playing condition.

Bob van Asperen playing the Versailles Ruckers

Recording the Versailles Ruckers

Bob van Asperen listening

Recording studio in Versailles