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Froberger Vol.1 finally available again

Froberger edition vol.1 finally available again, text completely revised


The first volume of the Froberger edition ("Le passage du Rhin") is now available again. It had been out of stock for quite a long time, however, now it is shipping with a long, completely revised booklet text which includes all important news in Froberger research.

The Froberger edition is one of the most ambitious projects at AEOLUS. Since first release of the first volume some new Froberger manuscripts appeared. The new booklet text takes this fully into acount.

This volume (AE-10024) contains many famous Froberger pieces, e.g. the Lamentation for Ferdinand III, the Tombeau for Mr Blancrocher, the Rhine suite, among others. It is performed by Bob van Asperen on the original 1640 Ruckers harpsichord, Velen.

Optically, the new revision can be distinguished on the left side of the CD case by its transparent CD tray.