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Reijnold Popma van Oevering (1692-1781)

Suittes voor't Clavier

Complete works

Bob van Asperen

Christiaan Müller organ, Grote of Jacobijnerkerk, Leeuwarden
Carillon, Stadhuis Roermond (Royal Eijsbouts Bell Foundry)

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Reijnold Popma van Oevering (1692-1781) :
Suite I sol mineur
Suite II sol majeur
Suite III sol mineur
Suite IV ut majeur
Suite V sol majeur
Suite VI la majeur
Het Sneker klok spel
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Bob van Asperen, Clavecin
Bob van Asperen, Orgue
Bob van Asperen, Carillon
Durée totale: 1:14 (h:m)
Booklet: 36p., Anglais Allemand Français Hollandais Frisian (Frysk)
Numéro de catalogue AE 10144
EAN 4026798101442
Catégorie de produit: CD
Date de sortie: 01/05/2017
  • play_circle_outline Ouverture V
  • play_circle_outline Allemanda V
  • play_circle_outline Corrente IV
  • play_circle_outline Allemanda III
  • play_circle_outline Gavotta III
  • play_circle_outline Giga VI

World Premiere: First complete recording of the preserved works of R. Popma van Oevering! The highly talented young composer from Leeuwarden in the Dutch province of Friesland presented his opus 1 in around 1710. It was immediately published in Amsterdam and, as a result, its fame spread even to the circle around Bach. It can even be assumed that Bach let himself be inspired by these six “English” suites.

Under the fingers of grand master Bob van Asperen – who is heard here on harpsichord and also on the famous large Christiaan Müller organ (forerunner of the Müller organ of St. Bavo, Haarlem) that organist Popma van Oevering himself procured for “his” Grote Jacobijnerkerk in Leeuwarden – this becomes the most wonderful music: a real discovery and a must for aficionados of exquisite harpsichord and organ sounds!

Popma van Oevering lived to a ripe old age, but amazingly did not leave any further works – with one exception: a little piece for carillon, which is likewise to be heard on this complete recording.

€ 18,99 (including tax)

Reviews on “Popma van Oevering: Suittes voor't Clavier”


Luister Gerard Scheltens, 10/2017 :

“Dit mag in geen cd-speler ontbreken!”

Télécharger l'original de la critique:
AE-10144_Luister No.725 10_2017_p.49.pdf 71,48 kB


Fono Forum Friedrich Sprondel, 08/2017 :

“In wärmerem Licht könnte man das qualitätvolle [...] Werk dieses Tastenmeisters nicht erscheinen lassen.”

Télécharger l'original de la critique:
AE-10144_FonoForum_08_2017.pdf 277,81 kB


De Volkskrant Merlijn Kerkhof, 13.10.2017 :

“Prikkelende, kundig gemaakte composities met liefde gespeeld”

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AE-10144_DeVolkskrant_web_13_10_17.pdf 175,88 kB


Luister :

Dit mag in geen cd-speler ontbreken!

Fono Forum :

In wärmerem Licht könnte man das qualitätvolle [...] Werk dieses Tastenmeisters nicht erscheinen lassen.

De Volkskrant :

Prikkelende, kundig gemaakte composities met liefde gespeeld