Organist's review
Paul Hale
Organist-s review-may-1999-1433
Warmly commended.

An almost exact contemporary of Langlais was André Fleury (1902 -1995). A brilliant player and a student or friend of all the twentieth century 'greats' of the French organ world, he was possessed of a magnificent technique which he always held under control, never going in for showy display. Like Marchal, he was interested in better performance of music from the baroque era; consequently his own music as it developed throughout his life shows a certain neo-classical influence within a comfortably familiar idiom. Unfailingly urbane, well-mannered and courteous in his personal and professional life, Fleury brought these elements into his compositions, as can clearly be heard in this attractively conceived programme.

Denis Comtet, Titulaire of Saint-FrançoisXavier (where this recording was made) was a pupil of Litaize and Chapuis and has given the premieres of several new works, including some by Berio and Litaize. He clearly has the measure of this attractive music all of which, I must confess, is new to me. I do commend it as repertoire well-worthy of attention. It seems to suit the Saint-François-Xavier organ well, which, though large, is never overblown but clear and colourful at all dynamic levels. Warmly commended.