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Stephen Greenbank
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Stéphane Mottoul’s imaginative choice of registrations ideally showcases both the music and the instrument.

Maurice Duruflé’s compositional oeuvre is meagre to say the least. Perhaps his best-known work is the , published in 1948. He was best known as an organist, so the dearth of compositions for that instrument is surprising. It can be explained by the fact that he found composing difficult. He was immensely fastidious and self critical and unable to resist the temptation of constantly revising his work. Yet, on the plus side, what he did produce is of very high quality, abundantly varied and of exceptional interest. So, his complete organ works can neatly be accommodated onto a single disc. Much of the music is based on Gregorian chant, is harmonically adventurous and polyphonically daring...

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