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AEOLUS / All Discs / AE10701 Froberger, Johann Jacob Capriccio

AE10701 Froberger, Johann Jacob Capriccio

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Audio samples:

Audio sample Capriccio I Capriccio I

Audio sample Capriccio II Capriccio II

Audio sample Capriccio IX Capriccio IX

Audio sample Capriccio XIII Capriccio XIII

Audio sample Capriccio XVIII Capriccio XVIII

Froberger, Johann Jacob (1616-1667)

Froberger edition vol.7: Capriccio

Complete capriccios

Bob van Asperen (Organ)

Ludgerikirche Norden

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Capriccio I
Capriccio II
Capriccio III
Capriccio IV
Capriccio V
Capriccio VI
Capriccio VII
Capriccio VIII
Capriccio IX
Capriccio X
Capriccio XII
Capriccio XIII
Capriccio XIV
Capriccio XV
Capriccio XVI
Capriccio XVII
Capriccio XVIII
Capriccio "XIX" (Innsbruck)

Playing time: 1:19 (h:m)
Booklet: 36p., English German French
Order Nr. AE 10701
EAN 4026798107017
Product category: SACD
Release date: 15/11/2010


A “seventeenth-century Art of Fugue” — The seventh volume of the Froberger Edition on AEOLUS is perhaps the craziest: a roller-coaster ride through the world of the fugue, performed with virtuosity and the spirit of adventure. Bob van Asperen plays himself here into an absolute frenzy!

Froberger’s Capriccios show a composer who not only perfectly mastered his métier, but drove his art forward to new heights. Not without reason, the accompanying text (written by the performer) points out many connections to the works of J. S. Bach. With Bob van Asperen, the Edition features an exceptional interpreter who performs these works just as passionately as knowledgeably. Eighteen multi-part Capriccios are to be heard, also including a recently discovered work.

As in all the other volumes of the Edition, an important historical instrument is employed: here it is the large Arp Schnitger organ of the Ludgerikirche in Norden (Eastern Friesland, Germany), which with its numerous stops allows the wealth of polyphony to resound.

FrobergerNorden2010 Orgelstativ-kl

For the recording of the Capriccio "XIX" ("Innsbruck") our new carbon organ microphone stand was used in the Ludgerikirche, Norden.

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