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Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986)

Complete organ works

Stéphane Mottoul

Diekirch, St. Laurentius

Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986) :
Prélude et fugue sur le nom d'Alain D minor [op.7]
Scherzo [op.2]
Fugue sur le carillon des heures de la cathédrale de Soissons A minor [op.12]
Prélude sur le "Veni Creator" [op.4]
Adagio sur le "Veni Creator" [op.4]
Choral varié sur le "Veni Creator" [op.4]
Prélude sur l'Introit de l'Epiphanie [op.13]
Prélude (Suite) [op.5]
Sicilienne (Suite) [op.5]
Toccata (Suite) [op.5]
Chant donné (Hommage à Jean Gallon)
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Stéphane Mottoul, Organ
Playing time: 1:15 (h:m)
Booklet: 28p., English German French
Order Nr. AE 11161
EAN 4026798111618
Product category: CD
Release date: 01/07/2018
  • play_circle_outline Prélude sur le nom d'Alain
  • play_circle_outline Scherzo
  • play_circle_outline Fugue sur le thème du Carillon de Soissons
  • play_circle_outline Choral varié
  • play_circle_outline Sicilienne
  • play_circle_outline Toccata
  • play_circle_outline Chant donné

The organ music of Maurice Duruflé is still very popular among organ music lovers, here in a very recent recording by a young virtuoso on a fabulous new instrument.

When the new organ of the Deanery Church of Diekirch in Luxembourg was inaugurated in May 2016, the audience was highly impressed by this instrument made by "Manufacture d'Orgues Thomas" from Stavelot (Ardennes, Belgium), known for their excellent instruments in Flemish Baroque style and their exemplary restorations of predominantly baroque organs. For the first time they had built a purely symphonic instrument that impresses with its majestic reed sound, its dynamic swell and its poetic solo stops. The concept of this instrument goes back to it's titular organist Maurice Clement, who recorded for Aeolus the first CD of the organ, the album "Confluences". Incidentally, for the construction of this organ it was possible to reuse about 20 ranks of historic pipework from a Dalstein & Haerpfer organ from 1870. Aeolus has now already recorded the second album on this organ with the present complete recording of all organ works by Maurice Duruflé.
It was an absolute concern for the young Belgian organist Stéphane Mottoul to record the complete oeuvre of Duruflé for his first CD and for this music the new instrument in the wonderful acoustics of the St. Laurentius church in Diekirch is perfectly suited! Stéphane Mottoul proves to be a virtuoso who knows how to play this often-performed music with a sure sense of style. A worthwhile alternative to the already existing recordings on the market, especially since the instrument is worth being discovered!

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Reviews on “Duruflé: Complete organ works”


Music Web International Stephen Greenbank, August 22, 2018 :

“Stéphane Mottoul’s imaginative choice of registrations ideally showcases both the music and the instrument.”
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Maurice Duruflé’s compositional oeuvre is meagre to say the least. Perhaps his best-known work is the Requiem, published in 1948. He was best known as an organist, so the dearth of compositions for that instrument is surprising. It can be explained by the fact that he found composing difficult. He was immensely fastidious and self critical and unable to resist the temptation of constantly revising his work. Yet, on the plus side, what he did produce is of very high quality, abundantly varied and of exceptional interest. So, his complete organ works can neatly be accommodated onto a single disc. Much of the music is based on Gregorian chant, is harmonically adventurous and polyphonically daring...
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Music Web International :

Stéphane Mottoul’s imaginative choice of registrations ideally showcases both the music and the instrument.