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Jehan Titelouze (1563-1633)

Jehan Titelouze: Hymnes de l'église

pour toucher sur l'orgue, avec les fugues et recherches sur leur plain-chant

Léon Berben

Juvigny (F), Eglise Notre-Dame

Jehan Titelouze (1563-1633) :
Ad cænam agni providi
Veni Creator Spiritus
Pange lingua gloriosi
Ut queant laxis
Ave Maris Stella
Conditor alme siderum
A solis ortus cardine
Exultet cælum laudibus
Annue Christe sæculorum
Sanctorum meritis
Iste confessor
Urbs Jerusalem beata
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Léon Berben, Organ
Playing time: 1:57 (h:m)
Booklet: 28p., English German
Order Nr. AE 11341
EAN 4026798113414
Product category: SACD
Release date: 04/11/2022

On his new double SACD Léon Berben takes us to France and presents us the complete hymns by Jehan Titelouze (1563 - 1633), published in 1623.

The historic organ in Juvigny's Notre-Dame church was built in 1663 by Jean de Villers and Jacques Carouge. It is one of the best preserved early baroque instruments in France and a perfect instrument for this repertoire. Berben's judicious and colourful registrations and his much-praised ornamental artistry are the result of extensive source studies and let this music, often described as "austere", emerge in new splendour.

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