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Azkoitia, Parroquia Santa María la Real

Azkoitia, Parroquia Santa María la Real

Azkoitia, Parroquia Santa María la Real

The Cavaillé-Coll organ of the church of Santa María la Real in Azkoitia (Basque Country) is the very last instrument designed by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll himself.

Shortly after it's inauguration by the Baron Fernand de la Tombelle in 1898, the Cavaillé-Coll company had been taken over by Charles Mutin.
It is a 40 stops 3 manual instrument in late french symphonic style. The voicing had been carried out by Ferdinand Prince, the chief tonal designer of Cavaillé-Coll. The instrument has been preserved in it's original state and is one of the most significant and important instruments built by the Maison Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. It counts among the only four instruments that have been equipped by Cavaillé-Coll with horizontal trumpets "en chamade". Two swell boxes (positif and récit) allow for highest degrees and detailed nuances of symphonic expression.

Azkoitia, Parroquia Santa María la Real


I Teclado
Flautado Mayor 26
Violón 26
Flautado 13
Violón 13
Salicional 13
Flauta Armónica 13
Octava 6 ½
Compuestas 4h.
Cimbala 3h.
Trompeta Magna 26
Trompeta Real 13
Clarin 6 ½
Trompeta Armónica 13 (en Batalla)
Clarín Armónico 6 ½ (en Batalla)

II Teclado
Quintatono 26
Principal 13
Violón 13
Unda Maris 13
Violón 6 ½
Dulciana 6 ½
Octavín Armº 3 ¼
Campanillas 3h.
Trompeta 13
Fagot-Oboe 13

III Teclado
Corno de noche 13
Flauta Travesera 13
Viola de Gamba 13
Voz Angélica 13
Flauta Octav. 6 ½
Octavín Armº 3 ¼
Trompeta Armª 13
Clarín 6 ½       
Clarinete 13
Voz Humana 13

Contrabajo 26
Subajo 26
Bajo 13
Violón 13
Bombarda 26
Trompeta 13

I/P;II/P;III/P,II/I;III/I;III/II. Trémolo I-II. Oct. Grav. III/I,I/I, Tempestad
Leng. I,P,Batalla. Ped. expresión al II y III. Teclados man. de 56 notas y pedal de 30.