Azkoitia, Parroquia Santa María la Real
The Cavaillé-Coll organ of the church of Santa María la Real in Azkoitia (Basque Country) is the very last instrument designed by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll himself.

Shortly after it's inauguration by the Baron Fernand de la Tombelle in 1898, the Cavaillé-Coll company had been taken over by Charles Mutin.

It is a 40 stops 3 manual instrument in late french symphonic style. The voicing had been carried out by Ferdinand Prince, the chief tonal designer of Cavaillé-Coll. The instrument has been preserved in it's original state and is one of the most significant and important instruments built by the Maison Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. It counts among the only four instruments that have been equipped by Cavaillé-Coll with horizontal trumpets "en chamade". Two swell boxes (positif and récit) allow for highest degrees and detailed nuances of symphonic expression.

Flautado Mayor 26

Violón 26

Flautado 13

Violón 13

Salicional 13

Flauta Armónica 13

Octava 6 ½

Compuestas 4h.

Cimbala 3h.

Trompeta Magna 26

Trompeta Real 13

Clarin 6 ½

Trompeta Armónica 13 (en Batalla)

Clarín Armónico 6 ½ (en Batalla)

Quintatono 26

Principal 13

Violón 13

Unda Maris 13

Violón 6 ½

Dulciana 6 ½

Octavín Armº 3 ¼

Campanillas 3h.

Trompeta 13

Fagot-Oboe 13

Corno de noche 13

Flauta Travesera 13

Viola de Gamba 13

Voz Angélica 13

Flauta Octav. 6 ½

Octavín Armº 3 ¼

Trompeta Armª 13

Clarín 6 ½       

Clarinete 13

Voz Humana 13

Contrabajo 26

Subajo 26

Bajo 13

Violón 13

Bombarda 26

Trompeta 13


I/P;II/P;III/P,II/I;III/I;III/II. Trémolo I-II. Oct. Grav. III/I,I/I, Tempestad

Leng. I,P,Batalla. Ped. expresión al II y III. Teclados man. de 56 notas y pedal de 30.