Sylvie Moquet
Passionate about early music, Sylvie Moquet began studying the viola da gamba with Arianne Maurette first and then with Jordi Savall, with whom she graduated as a soloist at the Schola Cantorum in Basel in January 1983 and continued her training with Wieland Kuijken.

Her professional activities are divided between her teaching at the Conservatoire of Aix en Provence and the concerts and recordings with various ensembles such as “Les Arts Florissants”, “La Chapelle Royale”, “L’Ensemble Baroque de Nice”, “Le Poème Harmonique”, “Akademia”, “Il Seminario Musicale”, “Le Concert d’Astree”, “Les Saqueboutiers de Toulouse”, “Le Concert Brisé”, etc. She also shares her time as a soloist (recitals, creations of contemporary works), and chamber music ensembles with which she leads a regular activity: concerts, masterclasses and recordings: in a duet with Anne-Marie Lasla, in a trio with the ensemble “Elseneur”, in consort with the ensemble “Orlando Gibbons”, with the ensemble “Da Pacem” and Raphaele Kennedy, with the ensemble “Concerto Soave” and Maria Cristina Kiehr and with the ensemble “Les Witches”.