Jean-Marie Plum O.S.M.
1899 - 1944
Jean-Marie Plum, born in Liège in 1899 and died in Brussels in 1944, was a priest, organist and composer. He left behind an extensive, today almost forgotten organ œuvre, which contains both large concert pieces and music for liturgical use.

He was a pupil of Lucien Mawet, to whom he dedicated his “Trois Pièces”. In 1921 he enters the Ordo Servorum Mariae, OSM. After theological studies in Rome he returns to the monastery and serves as organist. The chapel of the monestary had a pneumatic Walcker organ, originally from a monastery in Poznan (Poland). In 1937 the instrument was electrified and enlarged to 23 stops by Georges Haupt from Lintgen (Luxembourg). Plum left an extensive organ repertoire, many pieces for liturgical use but also many concert pieces and two organ symphonies. Technically ranging from easy manual pieces for organ or reed organ to demanding virtuosic concert repertoire like his Toccata Op. 59, dedicated to Joseph Bonnet.