Reims, Basilique Saint-Remi
Completed in 2000, this organ is, for its instrumental part, inspired mainly two instruments restored in the past by the atelier Bertrand Cattiaux: Etampes (Essonnes), which dates largely from the sixteenth century, and Bolbec (Seine-Maritime) which was built in 1630.

The organ of St. Remi is a French polyphonic instrument suitable for a wide european organ repertoire of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and a major part of the twentieth century. It is, further, resolutely aimed to the contemporary organ repertoire.

The organ case was designed by Parisian architect Jean-Luc Giraud.

Main case: 20 feet open diapason, positive case: 8 feet diapason.

Instrumental conception: Bertrand Cattiaux

Organ case built by Yves Lehuen, carpenter

Realisation: Bertrand Workshop Cattiaux

Voicing: Bertrand Cattiaux