Schnega, Atelier Hugo Körtzinger
The organ at the Hugo Körtzinger workshop was built by Oscar Walcker (Ludwigsburg) as Op. 2576 in 1937.

From 1937 to 1947, the largest privately owned organ in the Wendland region was built in the workshop of the painter, sculptor and writer Hugo Körtzinger in Schnega. The instrument from the Oscar Walcker manufactory in Ludwigsburg, op. 2576, with electric action and stop action, was initially equipped with 6 foundation stops with 663 pipes, each of which could be used several times using the multiplex system with 41 stops.

However, Hugo Körtzinger had the organ extended as early as 1939 with eight additional ranks with 448 pipes on two new windchests (one slider chest, one valve cone action chest). The second major expansion took place in 1942, when three new valve cone action chests with 15 ranks and 789 pipes were added. This was followed in 1947 by the third and final major extension with six more ranks. This unconventional organ, whose development was accompanied by an extensive and highly interesting correspondence between Hugo Körtzinger and the organ builder Oscar Walcker, thus comprises 37 ranks of pipes, 29 transmissions and 63 stops with a total of well over 2,000 pipes in its unaltered form to this day. From summer 2015, the organ was completely restored by the organ builder Christian Scheffler from Sieversdorf. The renovation work was successfully completed in summer 2016. Since then, the organ has been played regularly as part of the “Schnega Workshop Concerts” series.