Soultz-Haut-Rhin, Eglise Saint-Maurice
The contract for the organ was signed in 1747 by the brothers Johann Andreas and Johann Daniel, who completed it in 1750.

In 1819-1822, Joseph Callinet (Rouffach) installed new 51-note keyboards, added a fourth manual (Récit) and changed the stoplist. The same company made further changes in 1829.

More drastic measures were taken in 1852, when Callinet moved the main case two meters back, changed the Positiv action and altered the reeds.

In 1925, Paul-Marie Koenig (Caen) installed pneumatic action, with a detached console and two swell divisions, work which was inspected by Joseph Bonnet of Paris. Further alterations were made in 1932 by Georg Schwenkedel (Straßburg).

In 1960, restoration was commenced by Curt Schwenkedel (Strasbourg) in collaboration with Philippe Hartmann (Rainans). The main case was returned to its original position. Although a four-manual organ with 51-note manuals and a 30-note pedal was planned, the project was discontinued due to lack of funds.

Work on the organ was completed ten years later, but under different premises: the reconstruction of Silbermann’s stoplist, pitch, key and stop action. Callinet’s console was retained, however, including the silent fourth manual.

During a thorough overhaul by Richard Dott (Sélestat) in 2009-2011, the windchests were repaired, the pipework cleaned, the casework stabilised and renovated. The action was reconstructed after Silbermann and the fourth manual removed.

by Marc Schaefer

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