"All Lust und Freud"

€17,99 (incl. VAT)

For the first time the large clavicytherium of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum (Nuremberg) – a kind of vertical harpsichord built by an anonymous German master during the late sixteenth century – is recorded here on disc. The present instrument is undoubtedly a pinnacle of the art of instrument making, with unusual timbres and an astonishingly complex action.

Bernhard Klapprott, a former pupil of Bob van Asperen and today Professor of Harpsichord in Weimar, has selected appropriate music for this rare instrument: to be heard are delicate polyphonic works as well as full-voiced adaptations of popular songs of the time by South-German composers such as Hassler, Erbach, Paix, and Staden.

The unique instrument and the special repertoire are described in detail in the extensive booklet. In addition, Bernhard Klapprott explains the special background of the historical ornamentation employed.