Image Complete Organ Symphonies Vol.2

Complete Organ Symphonies Vol.2

Finally available: volume two of our edition with the complete organ symphonies of Louis Vierne!

As already on the first SACD published in this series, it is titular organist Daniel Roth himself who takes place at the 5 manual console of the famous Cavaillé-Coll organ of Saint-Sulpice in Paris. And he knows this instrument like no one else in the world as 2010 is the 25-year-anniversary of his titularship there. Accordingly we deal here again with a recording at topmost level. Volume 1 already got excellent reviews in the music press like for instance in Fono Forum (Germany) where Christoph Vratz enthused about this SACD: "A recording like from the seventh musical sky: Roth plays with a sovereignty which never shows a whiff of routine." Or the magazine "Fanfare" (USA) wrote: "Here is a master organist, tackling two of the masterpieces of the organ literature. Highly recommended!" " This disc is an unmitigated joy from beginning to end" was written in the British magazine "The Organ".

The second volume contains Vierne's symphonies No.3 and 4 in a brand new recording from September, 2009. Especially the third symphony with the striking introduction movement "Allegro maestoso" is among the most popular works of the French symphonic organ music. In the fourth symphony you will particularly appreciate the concluding "Final" where Roth knows how to carry away his listeners by his unbelievable verve: a fiery Toccata! In this movement he himself sees parallels to Wagner's "The flying Dutchman"...

In the slower movements ("Adagio" from the 3rd symphony, "Romance" from the 4th symphony) the wonderful silky and orchestral foundation stops of the organ are shown to advantage. What did Vierne himself say to his pupil Bernard Gavoty? "Ah, que c'est beau..."

This new SACD comes along in an elegant, this time even 6-pages DPac and nice colour prints!

For the lovers of surround sound we have published this recording (as already Vol.1) on Super Audio CD! Leave your everyday life behind you and move yourselves into the acoustics of Saint-Sulpice! Your neighbours will tolerate this - at least for the duration of a single movement - even with the use of Saint-Sulpice's 32' stops...