Image Complete works for pedal piano or organ

Complete works for pedal piano or organ

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Aeolus' first collaboration with the cathedral organist Daniel Beckmann from Mainz leads us to a Bernhard Dreymann organ, which has just been restored to its former glory, located in the St. Ignazkirche in Mainz. The instrument, built in 1837 at the beginning of the Romantic period, was praised by Christian Heinrich Rinck as exemplary for the then modern organ building and fits exactly into the time when Robert Schumann wrote his works for pedal piano or organ.

At the time when Robert Schumann was composing his studies and fugues for pedal piano, the organbuilding was in shadow in most European countries.

Clara wrote in her diary about the purchase of a pedal board for the Schumanns: All of these compositions were written in Dresden in 1845.

In one of the earliest reviews of the B-A-C-H fugues, Magdeburg cathedral organist August Gottfried Ritter wrote: . As he wrote in a letter, Schumann was convinced that the fugues were .

Due to its abundant foundation stops and the resulting diverse possibilities of dynamic gradations, the Dreymann organ is almost predestined for a recording of these three cycles.