Image Concerti à Cembalo concertato Vol.1

Concerti à Cembalo concertato Vol.1

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In 2012, too, there are prominent treasures to be found: Aapo Häkkinen plays Bach’s Concertos for solo harpsichord and strings – the crown jewels of the harpsichord and piano literature – on a 16’ harpsichord, that is to say, an instrument with an additional, very low sounding register. Although Bach probably used a similar harpsichord himself, this is the first recording of this cycle of works on an instrument of this kind built in a historical manner!

Vol. 2 will contain: BWV 1054, 1055, and 1057. The Helsinki Baroque Orchestra plays one on a part, and is obliged to the best Baroque traditions. As an “encore,” so to speak, the CD also contains Bach’s famous Italian Concerto for harpsichord solo – on the 16’ instrument, it is an amazing sonic experience!