Image Louis Couperin edition vol.3: Chaconne de Mr Couperin
€18,99 (incl. VAT)

Once again with a great effort, Bob van Asperen and AEOLUS have now realized the third volume of the Louis Couperin Edition. In addition, the valuable harpsichord from the Villa Medici in Rome has been recorded here for the first time in high resolution and with Surround-Sound technology. The Super Audio CD contains some of the wonderful harpsichord suites composed by Louis Couperin (an uncle of François Couperin), who lived in Paris in the 17th century.

The album's title, "Chaconne de Mr Couperin", refers to the genre of the chaconne, which is characteristic – together with the related genre of the  passacaille – of Couperin's work. The thick booklet even provides the score of a recently discovered piece by Couperin.

The Couperin Edition will be made up of four volumes of harpsichord alone, and additionally offer the composer’s other preserved and seldom heard works.