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An Italian in 17th-century London: For London's musical life, which was informed by the middle classes, Matteis wrote diverse works incorporating influences from Italy, France, and England. The ensemble “Theatrum affectuum” presents the largely short pieces from Matteis's “Books of Ayres” as a sparkling, multifaceted cosmos: virtuoso and intimate, bawdy and elegant, intellectual and down-to-earth, rip-snorting and mellifluous...

Theatrum affectuum has chosen the later versions of the pieces with a second upper voice, performing them with violin and recorder; the continuo group consists of cello, lute, and harpsichord or organ.

Theatrum affectuum has performed together since 2003 in Europe and Japan. The ensemble has a very international makeup, with musicians from Germany, Japan, France, and Italy. Usually led by recorder and violin, the ensmble has dedicated itself to the instrumental music of the 17th and 18th centuries, with major roles being played by the knowledge of Baroque forms of expression and  by improvisation.