Image Pièces de lut
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The "Pièces de lut" published in 1682 and 1702 under the name of Jacque Bittner are among the better known prints with music for the 11-course lute in the German-speaking area, but this music has rarely been recorded or heard in concert. Stylistically, these are dance suites based on the French example, whereby each suite is preceded by a Prélude non mesuré - also according to French tradition.

Following his solo album with French lute suites by French composer Francois Dufaut released in 2017, Paris-based lutenist André Henrich now presents his second solo recording. The programme again features 17th-century lute suites in the best French tradition: a selection from the very rarely heard collection published under the title "Pièces de lut" by the presumably Austro-Bohemian composer Jacob Büttner, whose name later appears as Jacque Bittner.

We consider it an additional incentive that this time the recording is even available as an SACD hybrid in 5.0 multi-channel surround and 2.0 stereo format.