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Six Sonatas - "für das Clavier"

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The ultimate CD for friends of the clavichord: On this recording, Bernhard Klapprott, a pupil of Bob van Asperen and today Professor of Early Keyboard Instruments in the Bach city of Weimar, exploits all the technical and tonal possibilities offered by the original clavichord by Joseph Gottfried Horn (1788).

Georg Benda – who had a particular predilection for the “Clavier,” as it was called then – composed these imaginative and, at the same time, unbelievably stylistically confident sonatas between the Baroque and Classic, which are nearly ideal literature for this instrument.

This recording also becomes a valuable historical document due to the very extensive accompanying texts that deal with the situation of the clavichord in Benda’s time (including a bibliography), with the instrument employed here, and of course with Benda’s music.