Image Sonata grossa
€18,99 (incl. VAT)

Already with the composers Fasch and Hertel, the Main-Barockorchester Frankfurt succeeded in getting the public enthusiastic about little-known masters on the threshold between the Baroque and Classical eras. Now the orchestra presents works by Johann Melchior Molter.

Who is Molter? Wind players are most likely to know this composer who was born ten years after Bach. And indeed, this SACD features a trumpet concerto, played here by the internationally known specialist Hans-Martin Rux on the valve-less, pleasantly mellow-sounding natural trumpet.

Johann Melchior Molter studied in Eisenach, was employed there and in Karlsruhe, and undertook a number of journeys to Italy. Thus the Italian influences are not surprising, yet the French style and the young Mannheim school can also be heard in the six works that the Main-Barockorchester proffers in the 78 minutes of this brimful SACD.