Image Sonatas for recorder and basso continuo, Vol.1

Sonatas for recorder and basso continuo, Vol.1

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Giuseppe Sammartini's expressive sonatas are still quite unknown, and indeed some of them are recorded here for the first time. Sammartini's compositions often sound unusual, revealing bizarre surprises and deep emotions.

Sammartini was the son of a French musician. He grew up in Italy and started his career there. Later he numbered among the many Italian baroque musicians who worked in London. However, the sonatas presented here were most likely written in Italy.

Andreas Böhlen appeared on AEOLUS for the first time with his ensemble „theatrum affectum“ in a recording of works by Nicola Matteis. The continuo group is made up of  international specialists from Italy, Switzerland and Germany. A second disc with sonatas by Sammartini is in preparation.

Manufactered as SuperAudioCD this album presents versions in high end stereo as well as surround sound. The booklet includes an extensive article by U.S. recorder expert David Lasocki.