"Suites pour le Clavessin" - The French Suites

In 2000, Bob van Asperen's recording of Bach’s ”Inventions and Sinfonias” received enthusiastic reviews and awards from throughout the world. This CD has been AEOLUS’ most succesful release so far. Other recordings with Bob van Asperen have also attracted attention, and not just from harpsichord aficionados. Now, Bob van Asperen and AEOLUS again present popular and often-recorded repertoire. We think that these French Suites are something special in every respect.

What’s new here? What can still be offered?

An intensive and highly individual interpretation - unmistakable Bob van Asperen.

The use of one of the very few original German harpsichords of the Bach era still in playing condition: the wonderful Christian Vater harpsichord in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg - astonishingly heard here for the first time on a CD/SACD recording!

A warm, natural and vivid recording that is offered in a stereo version as well as in a surround-sound version on this Hybrid-SACD - probably a first for this repertoire.

Included is an extensive booklet containing informative articles about the instrument and the Vater dynasty of instrument makers.