Image Suittes de Clavessin par Monsieur Dieupart
€18,99 (incl. VAT)

Bach model Dieupart completely redefined: After intensive research, Bob van Asperen presents for the first time sensational evidence about the life of Dieupart - who did not die impoverished in London, as previously assumed, but rather enjoyed a peaceful retirement in France. Even more important are the insights about the genesis of the original scores and the conclusions Bob van Asperen draws from them with regard to a proper performance of the works.

J.S. Bach was obviously an admirer, quoted an exceptional amount from the suites in a number of his own works, and wrote out copies of them himself – unequivocal proof of the quality of this music, which can possibly now be heard for the first time on a recording as it was originally conceived.

Also to be heard, in addition to the well-known cycle of six suites, are two newly discovered works. In the very extensive booklet text, the world-famous harpsichordist himself elucidates the biography and work of the important Frenchman.