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World Premiere: First complete recording of the preserved works of R. Popma van Oevering! The highly talented young composer from Leeuwarden in the Dutch province of Friesland presented his opus 1 in around 1710. It was immediately published in Amsterdam and, as a result, its fame spread even to the circle around Bach. It can even be assumed that Bach let himself be inspired by these six “English” suites.

Under the fingers of grand master Bob van Asperen – who is heard here on harpsichord and also on the famous large Christiaan Müller organ (forerunner of the Müller organ of St. Bavo, Haarlem) that organist Popma van Oevering himself procured for “his” Grote Jacobijnerkerk in Leeuwarden – this becomes the most wonderful music: a real discovery and a must for aficionados of exquisite harpsichord and organ sounds!

Popma van Oevering lived to a ripe old age, but amazingly did not leave any further works – with one exception: a little piece for carillon, which is likewise to be heard on this complete recording.