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Concerti & Sinfoniae

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The Main-Barockorchester Frankfurt (the name refers to the Main River [pronounced "mine"] that flows through Frankfurt) presents three Concerti and three Sinfonias ­ all, except for the Concerto for Chalumeau (an instrument related to the classical clarinet) as premiere recordings. Fasch studied at the famous Thomas-Schule in Leipzig with Bach’s predecessor Johann Kuhnau.

It was in Leipzig that Fasch already became acquainted with Heinchen and Pisendel, with whom he maintained a lively correspondence after they had assumed key positions in the musical life of Dresden. Besides the influence of Telemann, Graupner and the Italian style, what is displayed here is an amazing feat of autodidacticism, as Fasch himself remarked, that ultimately led to an original and often surprisingly modern musical language.

The Main-Barockorchester Frankfurt performs on period instruments. Strings and B.c. are complemented by up to two oboes and a bassoon. In the excellent acoustics of the Petruskirche, Gießen, the recording technique supports the vivid sound of the orchestra by completely dispensing with spot microphones.